To unify our Fil-Am youth to create local leaders within our community.


To preserve, support and increase Filipino cultural appreciation within the Fil-Am youth in Alaska through teachings of Leadership, Culture and Community.

The AFFA Youth Group will have activities that will give students experience in working as a team, delegating tasks, and taking responsibility. We will build skills that they will take with them well into their careers. We will also learn about the work ethic of the Philippines and the determination of the hard workers who held onto the dream of building a life in America and the importance of living out that dream.

One of our many goals is to help members of this group, build a personality that revolves around their Filipino heritage. We will learn about the history and customs of the Philippines in fun ways such as playing the traditional street games, enjoying the delicious food, and dancing the traditional dances. Above all, experiencing our culture helps us connect with our family, both the family that we come home to and the family that we meet along the way.

The AFFA Youth Group will provide the young Filipino Americans a space fit for all their needs, including: self identity, job readiness, preparation for higher education and a sense of belonging. We will inspire and nurture the youth in our group regardless of experience and ability, to be valued members in our community through acts of service led with kindness and compassion.