Congratulations to the Bartlett High School Team who won the Alaska Robotics Competition statewide. AFFA  donated funds to the Bartlett team to help support their nationwide competition representing Alaska in the lower 48. Clancy Carillo who is a member of the Robotics team is also an active participant in AFFA events. He is the son of an active AFFA member, Rowena Carrillo. 
Congratulations to 
one of AFFA's Past Presidents & Founders, 
Mrs. Elsa Malapit Sargento!
She was inducted 
at the Alaska Women's Hall of Fame on May 4, 2017.


Are you waiting to apply for dual citizenship or passport or passport renewal?

Honorary Consul of Alaska Rebecca Carrillo has requested AFFA to collect name and information from our Kabayans who need consular service.  This will support the request for a Consul on Wings Mission to Alaska.  

If you have already submitted your name through another 
organization, you do not need to add your name again.  
Multiple applicants in the same family must be added separately.  
Your information will only be used for Consular service reasons.

Beginning June 1st, Hon. Consul of Alaska Rebecca Carrillo will process Extension of the Validity of Passport and Travel Document Applications.

In the meantime:  If you are anticipating travel to the Philippines in the near future, it is recommended to secure an appointment online at the Consulate in San Francisco. However, you may also try the Consulates in Chicago, the Embassy in Washington, DC, Honolulu, Los Angeles, or New York to apply for a passport/get their passport renewed or apply for dual citizenship if there are earlier appointment slots than are available from San Francisco.

Those who require passports due to an emergency may have the validity of their passports extended up to one (1) year. This is applicable only to those whose passports are still valid (and has at least six weeks validity left to it by the time it is receive). This will allow time for mailing and processing of the document. This procedure does not require applicants to appear at the Consulate and applications may be sent by mail.

Another option is to apply for a travel document which is issued in lieu of a passport allowing Filipinos a one-way direct travel to the Philippines and is valid for one (1) month.  

Philippine Consulate General, San Francisco website: https://pcgsanfrancisco.org/ 

​                                                Save the Date:  18th Annual Founders Ban​quet & Ball, scheduled                                        for September 18, 2022 at Anchorage Downtown Marriott. 

                                             Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and for our community's health & safety, in-person 
                                             AFFA Events & Activities will be adjusted for safe social distancing.    
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