2017 AFFA Calendar of Events
and Community Participation


January   7     - Presenting 2017 AFFA Officers                               and BOD

February 10   - Tyson Elementary Multicultural
          25  - Meet the World in Anchorage
                  25  - Big Brother/Sister Bowling

March       4      -Asian Cultural & Martial Arts                                         Expo
                  12   -Anchorage Sister Cities Event
                  18   -Forum: "Know Your Rights"

April          22  -Alaska Heart Run
                   29  -Job Skills Boot Camp

May           4     -Alaska Women's Hall of Fame
                  4     -Asian Culture Night
                  6     -Spring Clean-up
                 13    -Bridge Builders in Wasilla
                  18   -JBER Military Installation
                  20   -Alaska Health Fair, Inc.

June         3      -Santacruzan & Pista sa Nayon
                 10    -AK Run for Women
                  17   -AFFA Picnic/Senior Fun Day
                  19-23 -Camp Kaleidoscope
                  23-24 -Consular Visit

Membership meeting is held every 1st Saturday of each month, from 1:00-3:00PM.  Notification will be sent for changes/cancellations.

July              4      -Fourth of July Parade
                     11    -Alaska Flag Day
                      ?     -Emergency

August        21     -Port of Call

September  23   -AFFA Annual Banquet

October        ?    -Fil/Am History Month
                      18    -AK Native Federation

November   4    -AFFA BOD Nomination

December    2    -AFFA BOD Election
                      23  -Appreciation and
                               Christmas Party
                             -Induction of 2018 BOD

**Changes in the scheduled events and activities may occur due to additions, cancellations, etc.

Join us for a free fitness fun every Monday
@ Guadalupe Lunney Center, 7:00-8:00 PM. 
Come one, come all!
*Bring your water & towel